F R E E L A N C E    L I C E N S E S

These products are for freelance translators and for use in combination with SDL Trados Freelance only. They are not intended for use in company networks and will not work with the professional version of SDL Trados.

checkTerm Freelance

Enforce terminology in any text via clipboard or Studio plugin.

Always Pick the Right Word – in all contents and languages with checkTerm. Entire documents, emails, social media text snippets, online texts or fragmented texts such as ERP strings, CAD labels, or software GUI elements. With checkTerm, you can now enforce terminological correctness in every content you create. With its morphological technology, it even identifies incorrect variants, forms, compositions etc. A plugin for SDL Trados Studio is available.


checkTerm can be currently used in three ways:

– Client

When you start the application, it initially minimizes itself into the system tray. You can then select text in any windows application and start the check via a hot key.

– SDL Trados Studio Plugin

Using the Studio plugin you can either check the target translation only (monolingual check), or you can analyze the translation against the source document (bilingual check). The bilingual check will verify if for each detected term in the source language one of the respective target language terms is used in the translation.

The plugin will also allow you to work your way through all the erroneous terms one by one and replace it with the potential correct terms.



Stemming is the morphological process of reducing inflected or derived words to their word stem, base or root form, for instance, fishing will be reduced to its root form fish. This allows a much more comprehensive analysis of a text than simple fuzzy term recognition.

Currently, stemming is supported in the following languages (more languages can be added!):

– Danish

– German

– English

– Finnish

– French

– Italian

– Dutch

– Norwegian

– Portuguese

– Romanian

– Russian

– Spanish

– Czech

– Hungarian

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Excelling MultiTerm Freelance

Excelling  MultiTerm is an interface between MS Excel and SDL MultiTerm. It is used to edit termbase data offline in Excel and import it back to MultiTerm.

Excelling MultiTerm lets you precisely select data from MultiTerm and export that data into an Excel file. Once in Excel, you can then edit, translate, or review your terminology. You then use the Excel file itself to update the data in MultiTerm.

You can also use Excelling MultiTerm to create new entries in MultiTerm from an Excel list. Excelling MultiTerm also contains a number of features which professional users of MultiTerm will find very useful for maintaining their termbases.

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Splitting TTX Freelance

Splitting TTX is a tool for splitting large TTX files into several smaller TTX files. After translation, these pieces can be merged back into one TTX file.

This is particularly useful when a TTX file is too large to handle efficiently in TagEditor or when several translators will work on one source file.

As the name implies, Splitting TTX currently handles only TTX files. A version for handling SDLXLIFF files is under development.


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